Handmade Stoneware Leaf Art Wall Clock


Our premium quality handcrafted ceramic leaf art wall clocks start their journey as a real leaf, harvested from our local woods, then impressed by hand into wet stoneware clay, shaped, moulded and high fired for 48 hours in our kiln. Each one is then glazed and fired again before the addition of a set of clock hands and battery powered movement to create an individual piece of practical art. Ideal for keeping time in gazebos, conservatories and summer houses, but not suitable for outside use.

Size is approx 20cm diameter. Sizes are approximate and can vary by up to 1 cm because each piece is created from a real leaf. Available in a spectrum of rustic colours, each dish is a unique and practical piece of ceramic art, appealing to those garden lovers who appreciate something hand crafted in the UK.

Leave us to choose the colour of your wall clock or tell us your colour preference by using the Contact Form below. Please allow up to three weeks for us to make your colour choice of wall clock.



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