Handcrafted Stoneware Leaf Art Dish on 1 metre steel rod


Our premium quality handcrafted ceramic leaf artworks look good out of doors, ‘planted’ in borders, in containers on patios or balconies or as interior decoration features. Use as single items or in clusters to add colour and interest all year round. Each piece of ceramic leaf art is individually crafted in stoneware clay and glazed in our Yorkshire studio and fired twice at very high temperatures in our own kiln to ensure that each one is frost and fade proof and will continue to look good out of doors for years to come.

Our small leaf art dish comes with a on metre steel rods for ‘planting’.  The rods supplied are made from mild steel which will intentionally patinate out of doors to acquire surface rust and achieve a classic rustic rural look.

Available in a spectrum of colours. Because our items are individually handmade, please contact us for colours currently in stock.

Price includes free UK postage.


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