Small Handcrafted Stoneware Garden Art Ornament on 1 metre steel rod


Our premium quality handcrafted ceramic garden artworks look good out of doors, ‘planted’ in borders, in containers on patios or balconies or as interior decoration features. Use as single items or in clusters to add colour and interest all year round. Each piece of ceramic art is individually crafted in stoneware clay and glazed in our Yorkshire studio and fired twice at very high temperatures in our own kiln to ensure that each one is frost and fade proof and will continue to look good out of doors for years to come.

They are made in rosehip and bulb shapes and stand mounted on one metre metal rods for ‘planting’. Our bulb shape is available in a multicolour glaze and our rosehip shape is glazed in rustic red. Just let us know which shape and what colour you would like using the Contact Form below, or tell us if you would like another, different, colour combination. If we are making your piece especially for you, please allow up to three weeks for delivery.



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